Designed for data(base)-driven teams is a tool to streamline database access management for your entire organization. From personal projects to growing teams, you can manage database access for all your users and applications.


One place to manage access priviledges across all major database platforms
(This is your database administration happy place)







Dynamic Access
Control Grants With A Few Clicks
Grant priviledges to specific users down to the table level without looking up database specific commands. This automatically maintains records and ensures you always know who has access to what data.
Self Service Access Recovery
Let Users Recover DB Credentials
You don't want to reset passwords for users all the time. This is why websites offer password recovery options. Databases don't have this built in. Hallmonitor does. Let users recover and change their passwords securely.
Secure Credential Management
Roll / Remove Credentials For Any User
We retain full records of what users have access to what parts of your data warehouses. This ensures that when access needs to be pulled, its a matter of seconds not hours. Make sure you are on top of your users and applications.

Compatibility Chart
Take a look and see if Hallmonitor can do the work for you.
Database (w /Version) Status Notes
MySQL 5.6.* Works
MySQL 5.7.* Works
MariaDB Works
AWS Aurora Works
Postgres 8.* Works
Postgres 9.* Works
AWS Redshift Works
Oracle In Development Currently developing the Oracle adapter.
MsSQL In Development Currently developing the MsSQL adapter.
MongoDB In Development Currently developing the MongoDB adapter.